Lemon Addicts: what does Lemon Water do to our Body?


A lemon fruit of an average size contains over 60 calories, an array of vitamins, sugar, protein, and fiber. Some people are addicted to the distinct lemon flavor while there are those who use it for beauty and health purposes. Whatever the reason, have you ever asked yourself, what does lemon water do to our body?

lemon water
Good or Bad Addiction?

Any form of addiction is often considered dangerous because there is always a price tag in the end. Lemon addiction acts contrary to the assumption as you lower your chances of getting hit by a stroke each time you peel, squeeze and ingest the lemon juice. While other addictions cause psychological and other health-related problems, lemons give you a healthy glow. They improve skin texture. Do away with dermatological problems such as skin rashes and diminish wrinkles.

Studies show that lemons contain detoxification agents, giving them the ability to prevent tumors by boosting organ functions. Your liver will, for instance, obtain the ingredients it requires to carry out hundreds of blood purification roles. While many forms of addiction leave you depressed or overly excited, lemons balance and stabilizes your moods – explaining why some people keep a constant supply of lemonade in their home or office juice stands.
Body Harmonization

Your body is always fighting off some infection or releasing a hormone to combat a given biological or physical situation. The processes are naturally triggered to harmonize your body’s internal functions which can only attain peak operations under a balanced pH environment. The lemon fruit comes in handy this aspect since other than setting the right pH parameters; it also eliminates constipation especially when eaten as a fruit. You get fuller for longer and eschew binge eating if you’re one of the ardent lemon eaters – many of whom rarely experience bad breath.
Disease Prevention

Preventing a disease is better than trying to cure it for financial and physiological reasons. Lemons are applauded for their disease prevention properties that occur in various ways. First, lemons contain the right combination of immunity-boosting vitamins. It makes the body strong in the fight against general infections, but the fruit is specifically recommended for the prevention of urinary tract infection as well as common cold. There is a belief that people who take lemons rarely cough and there is an element of truth in this remark since studies show that lemons juice lowers the amount of mucus within the cardiovascular system.

Curative Properties

Lemons are vital in bone disease management. They have the right blend of minerals that strengthen the bones – lowering their rate wear and tear. Note that lemons enhance the digestive system’s functions. Making them part of your daily diet in one way or another subsequently increases the rate nutrients absorption into your blood stream. Some people have discovered the power that lemons have over inflammation-related health complications. The power extends to include a gradual but steady elimination of headaches. Therefore, you live longer when you develop lemon addiction because it also balances your metabolism to hand you the right body weight without trying too hard.