Hearing Aids

Losing the ability to hear can be a very unfortunate occurrence. It is something that anyone cannot even think of it happening to them. However, when it strikes, that will never be the end of as many technological advances can enable you to communicate even better. Hearing aids are among the top solutions that you can expect to get from the audiologists.

In this article, we are going to look at some of these aids that can give you the application that you need for life to continue as usual.

Mobile enabled aids

This is a technology thsfefefgrwerwrwrwat seeks to help people with hearing impairment to be able to use their mobile phones. In this technology, the mobile phone of the patient is connected to this aid or any mobile device through a particular application.When this is done, the patient can easily stream music and calls from the device into the ear.


This technology enables the patient to hear without buzzing and whistling that could interfere with your hearing process.

In canal

If you want something discreet to solve your problem, then this can be a better option for you. With this technology, you have aa choice to choose from a completely-in-canal version or from custom in the canal version which can be visible though not obvious.

With completely in canal version (CIC), a small removal handle is normally visible, but in most instances, it is not easy for those around you to detect it. Another important thing to note about CIC is that it is designed for those people who have a minimal hearing loss. On the hand, the another version (ICT) is meant for those people with mild signs and symptoms of the defect.


This is a hearing aid device that is suitable for those people who need something that is less obvious when compared to canal type device. This device is totally invisible and this, therefore, tells you that it will be impossible for those around you to detect it.


There are two kinds of this types. The one that has a tube which runs into the ear canal to deliver sound waves also known as (BTE) and the one that speakers are placed in the canal. Instead of tubing, in this case, the speakers are connected to a tiny wire. This wire is smaller and convenient as it is less visible.

One thing that you should always remember is that it is only a professional audiologist that ought to determine the kind of aid devices that you should use.